He ponders for a moment. It tries on a wardrobe of different clothes – psychedelia, surf rock, electronica, krautrock and more – and ends up looking fantastic in all of them. They have an EP out and they are touring in the US and we don’t know them?’ So the buzz began to start. “In France at the same moment, our EP was released. “We went to US with $3,000 each and this girl found us 20 gigs,” Magnée says. When La Femme embarked on their first U.S. tour, they were barely on the industry’s radar back in their home country of France. The group was named La Femme in 2010. In fact the founders of La Femme are two trendy dudes from Biarritz who started playing zany surf-rock, moved to Paris, met Clémence Quélennec online and invited her to … So it’s a bit hard to grow up in Biarritz if you are really different.”. 303 Magazine303 MusicClémence Quélenneccolorado musicCool ColoradoFrench musicFrench rock musicJean-François JulianLa FemmeMarlon MagnéeSacha GotTiara Stephan. Very mysterious.” They were listening to French underground from the 60s, and French synthwave from the 70s. “I know the world is not like it was in the ’60s, and now everything has changed, but I try to keep those vibes in this song.”, Got says he hopes to return to Colorado when he can and experience more of what our state has to offer. At this point, a boiling day in early September, the album has been out a few days, and is No 3 in the midweek charts. La Femme was formed in 2010 after keyboard player Marlon Magnée and guitarist Sacha Got met at secondary school in a small seaside town in France called Biarritz. Mystère et boule de gomme. Act of seduction. And so they formed La Femme, a group that would be, as Magnée puts it: “Velvet Underground or Kraftwerk-style. Aja (Clémence Quélennec) : interview-chronique (3 mn 15 • nov. 2019) de son EP "Solitaire" sur RFI. The BBC artist page for Clémence Quelennec. Deux ans après le succès de Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013), le groupe de surf-rock formé à Biarritz s'apprête à refaire des vagues avec un deuxième LP qui devrait se concrétiser prochainement.. On se souvient tous du single minimaliste et entêtant Sur la planche, qui a notamment fait les beaux jours de la célèbre pub Renault Captur. Follow La Femme on Facebook and Instagram. At his side, Clemence Quélennec, one of the band's several singers, is silent but decorative, sporting a mac, orange stilettos and mirrored Ray-Bans. Clémence Quélennec pourrait sortir d’un café de gare d’avant-guerre. Now, gearing up for their third album, the band has released their second single, “Cool Colorado.”. Since the song was written six years ago, current events have challenged that view of America, but Got considers this song to be a bit of a time capsule and a reminder of a simpler world. “It’s like a Vogue cover,” Magnée observes. Photography by Jean-François Julian, courtesy of the artist, It’s been a hard year for music. ‎Björn rencontre des musiciens pour apprendre de leur parcours et de leurs experiences. Pour reprendre cet Another Day, elle a choisi Clémence Quélennec, chanteuse du groupe La Femme. Vive La Fête, ce sont également des Hits Electroclash intemporels car, toujours excitants via des loops sexy et des gimmicks irrésistibles, dont eux seuls connaissent la recette. When it’s possible to once again, Got encourages people to travel to get a sense of the feeling that inspired this song. “We found out there was a big underground scene, and I think we went at a good time, the right moment.”, Since then, they’ve seen their debut album, Psycho Tropical Berlin, win a Victoires de la Musique award, the equivalent of winning a Grammy award, and their second album, Mystère, peaked at number eight on the French charts. Interview VIEW POST View more. “No. En 2019, Björn décide de se reconvertir et de tenter de gagner sa v… GUIBERT FRANCOIS 262 views. They emailed 50 clubs in Paris asking for gigs, and got just two answers. Again, only two people replied, but one of them offered to help out. In 2014, the band played a show in Denver, staying only two days, and the impression our state made upon them was so great, they decided to write a song. Singer Clémence Quélennec. Clémence Quélennec, la voix essentielle et scénique du groupe La Femme, nous ouvre les portes de sa sensibilité musicale avec la sortie de « Solitaire », son 1er EP semi-instrumental. Tiara is a recent graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Staff Writer for the Music Desk at 303 Magazine. So the industry was like, ‘What the fuck? Interview de Marlon, un des deux créateurs avec Sacha. Ou bien encore des cuisses rocailleuses du Finistère. « Sur scène, on fait appel à une seule chanteuse, Clémence Quélennec, mais sur l'album elles sont bien plus nombreuses. “Even if we wrote it six years ago, we thought it’s a good song for this new record,” Got explained. Ou des dancefloors parisiens. As soon as they could, the pair moved to Paris to dream up a band. “We always said that if we had a band, it had to be fucking cool,” Magnée says. Tis the season for gifts, Looking for a way to celebrate the season while st, 12 Denver Restaurants With Innovative Outdoor Seating From Greenhouses To Igloos, Wildflower Excites with Upscale Italian at the New Life House Hotel in LoHi, 10 Holiday Light Displays In And Around Denver, 20 Local Boutiques Offering Curbside Pick-Up This Holiday Season, 31 Things To Do in Real Life and Virtually This Week in Denver, Wonder Press Opens Denver Location with Cold-Pressed Juices and More, The Bardo Coffee House Celebrates 10 Years of Coffee and Community. T, Giveaway Alert Bass player Sam Lefèvre ties a napkin, bandit style, around his neck. Après leur album disque d’or en 2016, les surfeurs incontournables de la pop française avaient disparu des radars. Interview By Twig Twigs: Jayna & Cara Jayna’s IG: @snowleoppy Cara’s IG: @carajojo Twig Twins sat down with Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée of La Femme before their set at Desert Daze Festival in Joshua Tree. La rencontre s’est transformée en une interview exclusive et scène de vie intime du groupe, quand tous les membres : Clémence Quelennec, Sacha Got, Sam Lefevre, Noé Delmas, Nunez Hijo et la petite amie de Marlon (le modèle américain, Grace Hartzel), nous ont rejoints. Their debut album, Psycho Tropical Berlin, reached No 33 in France, and La Femme were on their way, taking any opportunity that came along – soundtracking Yves Saint Laurent’s catwalk show, performing at Austin Psych fest, in Texas, where Magnée looked like anything but a YSL muse. Michael Hann’s travel was paid by Disque Pointu. Like the sun – shining everywhere.”. So they emailed 100 venues in the US, again asking for gigs. Ou d’un peu tout ça à la fois. In Texas? Clémence Quelennec nous partage ses experiences artistique et quelques anecdotes drôle de sa vie solitaire. Où La Femme avait bien pu se cacher durant toutes ces années ? We wanted to go other ways and try things like acoustic stuff, electronic stuff, more experimental. When the band’s tour reaches Paris in February, they say, they’ll be headlining the 6,300-capacity Zénith. I was so happy. After meeting singer Clémence Quélennec on MySpace and pulling together the rest of the band from various corners of the internet, it was off to the races, or so they thought. It sounds chic. Parmi les sept autres artistes on retrouve Barbara Carlotti interprétant Madame Rêve d’ Alain Bashung, François & the Atlas Mountains croisant Cheb Khaled ou encore Karen Katel rendant hommage à … En pleine préparation de la sortie du troisième album de La Femme, Clémence Quélennec a su trouver du temps pour réaliser un projet solo : un EP quatre titres qui sortira le 27 septembre sous le pseudonyme d’AJA It's not that La Femme are shy. The song sat in the band’s hard drive for six years, and then when the concept for their new album was created, the band felt it was right to include the song in the mix. Parfait pour brouiller encore un peu plus les pistes. They had recorded all but a single EP for a small label there before taking $3,000 each and heading to the U.S. to play about 20 gigs. It’s also made La Femme proper pop stars in France. ... à Paris, le groupe prend le nom de La Femme et rencontre la chanteuse principale, Clémence Quélennec, via Internet. Depuis 2013 et leur premier album Psycho Tropical Berlin, le sextuor français a su inventer un nouveau langage à la pop française : psychédélique, exotique, hédoniste.Après des mois d’attente quasi insoutenable, La Femme est de retour avec Mystère.Enregistré entre la Bretagne, Los Angeles et Paris, c’est sans aucun doute l’album de l’automne. We meet them all just before the press conference when they are swallowed up by a mass of journalists. ‘So the buzz began’ … from left, Marlon Magnée, Sacha Got and the rest of the band in 2013. t’s hard to imagine a more French version of a rock’n’roll band than La Femme. And if you’re too weird, they’re going to kick you out.’”, Keyboard-player Magnée and guitarist Got met at secondary school in Biarritz, near the Spanish border, where summer is alive with holidaymakers – and winter is dead. Fucking DIY.”. La chanteuse emblématique du groupe, Clémence Quelennec, a quitté le navire pour se consacrer à son projet solo Aja. After returning to France and signing to Universal Music Group’s France-based label, Barclay, the band is now in bona fide rock star territory. When the band came to Colorado, they felt as though they were transported back to the San Francisco of the ’70s, a time period and lifestyle they say is “so rare and precious to us, even if we never lived this period.” The psychedelic influence of the ’60s and ’70s is heavily felt in the song with hazy guitar licks and heavy reverberation throughout. • La Femme play Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, on 17 November. Clémence : Ça devait être une étude sans nom, genre Étude 1. Clémence Quélennec: We were trying new stuff because we had traveled a lot, been on tours. Clémence Quélennec, chanteuse du groupe La Femme se lance en solo ! LA FEMME - LA FEMME - HYPSOLINE (La Femme - Hypsoline) Associated Performer: La Femme Film Director: Sam Lefèvre, Marlon Magnée, Sacha Got Author: Clémence Quelennec© 2013 Disque Pointu, under exclusive license to Caroline Records, a Universal Music France label What do you do if you’ve got the tunes and the look, but can’t get gigs? “There’s this feeling of freedom, because Colorado was one of the first states where [recreational] weed was legalized. Got explained the band’s inspiration for the song. Is he sure he didn’t look like a Ku Klux Klan recruit? If she's not dancing (if you can call it that) at a concert, she can very frequently be found drinking copious amounts of English Breakfast Tea, talking about how incredulous dictionaries are, watching Saturday Night Live sketches, eating pho, and daydreaming about traveling the world. Proper pop stars, you see. Take George, who is in his 50s and has the words La Femme tattooed across his throat. ... Derrière le doux nom AJA, se niche la gracieuse chanteuse Clémence Quélennec, qui à seulement 28 ans et aguerrie d’une expérience de 7 années de tournées, hors normes, avec le groupe La Femme, ( s’) apprivoise un nouveau souffle en solo. “He likes to smoke crazy weed and take a bunch of drugs,” says Magnée. Ça faisait partie des premières partitions que j’avais, qui n’avait pas de lien avec mes cours. At the first, the stage was so small the bass player had to stand at the back of the crowd with the sound engineer, plugged into the mixing desk. After meeting singer Clémence Quélennec on MySpace and pulling together the rest of the band from various corners of the internet, it was off to the races, or so they thought. Formation. “We just met some friends, and they told us to come to California,” Got said. As their manager guides me into a brasserie in Strasbourg–Saint-Denis, their home turf in Paris, he’s clutching a copy of Les Inrockuptibles, France’s leading pop culture magazine, to hand to the band’s masterminds, Marlon Magnée and Sacha Got. La Femme are on the cover, although there’s a certain amount of eyebrow-raising about the fact that the only person pictured is their singer, Clémence Quélennec. Photograph: David Wolff-Patrick/WireImage At this point, a boiling day in early September, the album has been out a few days, and is No 3 in the midweek charts. At first, we were paired … - Duration: 3:21. La Femme: the superchic French band who hoodwinked their way to the red carpet. Clémence Quélennec, chanteuse du groupe La Femme se lance en solo ! “It’s not the world of now, you know, the world has changed — it’s more complicated,” he said. ‘Look, George, I know you’re very happy to be here, but people think you’re weird. It was so magical. We only stayed two days in Denver, but, you know, I just had this feeling.”, The feelings of freedom that the band felt whilst in Colorado are a part of the romanticized notions of America some Europeans still hold. The band reached out to 50 French clubs to line up some gigs and only got two responses. “I was almost naked,” he says, “with a huge witch’s hat and a kimono.” Crikey. Lucas Nunez Ritter: Yeah, we met different people, other bands, new music… Their increasing popularity, though, has meant they’ve attracted some curious fans. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The duo moved to Paris as quickly as they could with the dream of starting an effortlessly cool rock band. It’s hard to imagine a more French version of a rock’n’roll band than La Femme. Sacha : Ah ouais, le truc chiant. It’s a parody depiction of Beatlemania-type “teen idol” fanaticism. Clémence Quélennec, la voix essentielle et scénique du groupe La Femme, nous ouvre les portes de sa sensibilité musicale avec la sortie de « Solitaire », son 1er EP semi-instrumental. Le 11 octobre dernier, « Citadelle », le 4e album d’ Izïa est dévoilé en descellant tout en douceur ses trésors de variété à la Française. It was then that they turned their attention to the U.S., in a move that catapulted La Femme into the international spotlight. For all that their second album, Mystère, one of the year’s best, is wholly accessible and dripping with fantastic tunes, it exudes a sense of cool that indie bands rarely manage any more. The band had recorded a one-off EP for a small label, and decided that going to America would make them famous. » Et si Clémence Quélennec donne souvent sa voix au projet sur scène, sur l'album cinq femmes se sont succédé derrière le micro. When we came back to France, it was red carpet. Then came the move that made them: a quite magnificent stunt that hoodwinked the entire French music industry. They were duly signed to Universal’s French imprint, Barclay – former home to Charles Aznavour and Jacques Brel. Until then, the band hopes this song will take Coloradans back to a simpler time and provide listeners with a bit of an escape. Premier EP. 3:21. They also knew their group had to look great. Sacha- guitar and Marlon- keyboard/vocals are the originating members of the French psych band. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest Clémence Quelennec interviews. There’s little in the way of live music and nothing much else to do. La Femme is a French psych-punk rock band established by guitarist Sacha Got and keyboard player Marlon Magnée in Biarritz.Many members joined in later including bass player Sam Lefevre, drummer Noé Delmas and Lucas Nunez from Paris. They had only eight songs and, because some of the crowd had turned up late, they went back to the beginning of the set when they had finished and just started over. Finally, lead vocalist Clémence Quélennec alights on a … “Before the show begins, he listens to the album and dances everywhere.” At which point Magnée – in so far as he can while cramped into a tiny booth in a crowded brasserie, with his lunch in front of him and a bottle of red on the table – mimes someone dancing in the manner of a deranged ostrich. For all that their. “Sometimes I have to speak to him. Their first, the unpromisingly named SS Mademoiselle, collapsed because their singer only wanted to practise one day a week. “It’s good to see what is out there, and feel the vibes of traveling in freedom.”. Clémence : Ouais, un peu. “There are four bars at a junction where everyone goes to drink,” Magnée says. “Take your bag and go far,” he said. Follow her on Instagram at @tiara.stephan to keep up with her various escapades. Behind him rolls percussionist Nunez Ritter von Merguez, a muscly, mohawk-mulleted guy who looks like a 1930s mechanic in a sleeveless tee and leather vest. Mais sinon, le premier où je me suis faite plaisir, ça devait être les Beatles, Let It Be. I looked like Merlin. Watch La Femme’s video for Septembre on Vevo. But within that, Join LEagle in celebrating the “12 Strains of, After a long wait, food truck Lobster Bliss has fi, 2020 reinforced the power and importance of art. There’s this feeling, with the fresh air from the mountains, that nobody really cares. Stream “Cool Colorado” on Spotify and Apple Music. Sonnant comme une visite guidée dans les méandres de son âme constellée, il … Les fondateurs du groupe Sacha Got (guitare, thérémine) et Marlon Magnée (clavier) se sont rencontrés au lycée à Biarritz.Marlon ayant rencontré Sam Lefèvre (basse) et Noé Delmas (batterie) à Paris, ainsi que Lucas Nunez Ritter, le groupe prend le nom de La Femme en 2010.Le groupe a rencontré la chanteuse principale, Clémence Quélennec, sur Internet [2]. Sound and look in place, there were only two problems remaining: nowhere to play, and no interest in them. Chronique Interview. La Femme at the Rock en Seine festival in August. Sébastien Jenvrin, publié le 27 avril. So, how did a French rock band become so enamored with Colorado that they wrote a whole song dedicated to our state? Your email address will not be published. France’s hottest band relive their ingenious $3,000 gamble, Last modified on Thu 22 Feb 2018 06.19 EST. All photography by Jean-François Julian, courtesy of the artist. The music video, directed by La Femme and Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet, is the next chapter in the band’s visual component of their forthcoming album. “But we don’t like it too much, because if you are dressed too rock’n’roll or too hipster or too trendy they call you a fag. Il livre des interviews décontractées et intimes, tel un voyage initiatique qui nous aide à comprendre comment devenir un musicien professionnel.

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