[16] Among these, there are many trees which are vestiges of the Atlantic Forest. Porto Alegre is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. "[64], The participatory budgeting cycle starts in January and runs throughout the year in many assemblies in each of the city's 16 districts, dealing with many areas of interest to urban life. Porto Alegre (en español Puerto Alegre) es una de las ciudades más importantes del Brasil, capital del estado de Río Grande del Sur.Cuenta con una población de 1.420.667 habitantes y de 4.276.475 de habitantes para su área metropolitana. The city has a functioning transportation system, especially the autobuses. The program will be carried out by the Municipal Department of Management and Strategic Support and will focus on improving water quality in Guaíba Lake and the Cavalhada River, developing urban infrastructure to reduce flood risk along the Cavalhada River, improving the environmental management in the Municipality of Porto Alegre, and promoting efficient municipal water, sanitation and storm drainage services. Day trip to Braga, Where to go in Portugal? Hoje em dia muitas consulados exigem um agendamento antes de apresentar-se pessoalmente. [8] Com uma área de 496,682 km² e uma população de 1 479 101. 17% of public transit riders, ride for more than 2 hours every day. [114] As of 2013[update], an extension to Novo Hamburgo is being completed, with the first station already fully functional.[115]. Sie ist eine der größten Städte Brasiliens und ein ökonomisches und kulturelles Zentrum des südlichen Landesteils. The system will include a southern extension to accommodate activities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. About 325 million people use the system annually. Porto Alegre has a rapid transit system operated by Trensurb, which links downtown Porto Alegre to its northern neighborhoods and to cities to the north of the metropolitan area, as Canoas, Esteio, Sapucaia do Sul, São Leopoldo and Novo Hamburgo. Related articles: Porto airport to the city. Serra da Estrela by car Porto is surprisingly wet in the winter, but being a major city, all tourist facilities, restaurants and bars stay open year-round. La ville est agrémentée de parcs (neuf grands parcs urbains) et de rues arborées (plus d'un million d'arbres plantés), notamment dans les quartiers anciens de la Cidade Baixa. SMAM (the Municipal Council of the Environment) has encouraged the use of the cleanest fuels and has played a role in monitoring pollution levels. An extension of 2.4 miles (3.9 km) São Leopoldo–Museum was added in November 2000, after two months of trial service. On January 22, 2015, Porto Alegre hosted its first Ultimate Fighting Championship event at the Gigantinho. The reserve conserves nature and supports research and environmental education. Porto Alegre is mostly composed of Brazilians of European descent. The latter is an important way to get to Porto Alegre from the north of the country, by the city Osório. A partnership between SMAM, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, the State Environmental Protection Foundation (FEPAM) and Petrobrás has created a network of five air monitoring stations in Porto Alegre. [76] The per capita income for the city was R$20,900 (2006). Possui uma geografia diversificada, com morros, baixadas e um grande lago: o Guaíba.Está a 2 027 km da capital nacional, Brasília. During 90 minutes, it traverses the various districts of Porto Alegre, for a modest price. Voos diretos: Nenhum: Não existem voos diretos de Porto Alegre para Portugal. [20] The summers are very hot, with temperatures that go up to 30 °C (86 °F), sometimes reaching 40 °C (104 °F). By utilizing a Petrobrás product called city diesel, sulphur levels in the air have dropped from 1.2 percent in 1989 to 0.5 percent. Goethe Avenue has a concentration of bars (Tri Bar, Arsenal, Dolphin's) and dance clubs. Fauna are also diversified, especially in the islands and hills. Enjoy Porto Alegre - POA as if you were with a local! Porto's trams [47] The use of new buses along dedicated busways has decreased pollutants as there is less idling time. The Arena do Grêmio stadium replaced the Estádio Olímpico Monumental in 2012 and meets UEFA/FIFA standards. Brazilian investment group Central Termoeletrica Sul (CTSul) has plans to invest US$698 million in a 650MW coal-fired power generation plant in Cachoeira do Sul, located in Rio Grande do Sul. Its population of 1,481,019 inhabitants (2016) makes it the twelfth most populous city in the country and the centre of Brazil's fifth largest metropolitan area, with 4,405,760 inhabitants (2010). Porto or Barcelona The airport is a major international airport and there are direct flights covering the whole of Europe, and this includes services operated by many of the low-cost airlines (EasyJet, Ryanair, Vueling and Wizz Air). After some decades, many of them started to migrate to other parts of Rio Grande do Sul, including Porto Alegre. Surround Porto is a region of historic towns, stunning scenery and glorious beaches, which could easily extend a holiday to a week or more. Fedozzi, Luciano. Promoção: Secretaria do Turismo,Esporte e Lazer do Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Airport, Introduction A taxi transfer will cost between €20-30 and includes luggage surcharges. The main tourist area is with within walking distance (around 400m) of the Ribeira district or the Baixa district. In 2000, the literacy rate was 97%. There is the warren of narrow streets that make up the ancient Ribeira district, there are the grand plazas of Trindade, and the beaches and ocean views of the Foz district. Porto Language They started immigrating to Brazil in 1875, mainly from the Northern Italian Veneto region. Nonetheless, when coming from west, both highways bond in the neighbor municipality of Eldorado do Sul, running mostly jointly within the borders of Porto Alegre, only coming to separate at the very interchange to Canoas. Coming from west, as it reaches the urban area of Porto Alegre, BR-290 highway becomes a high-standard 100 km (62 mi) long freeway that connects to the coast and to the BR-101 highway. Foreign performers of all kinds usually include Porto Alegre on any Brazilian or wider South American tour. [91] A fictionalized view of the Porto Alegre nightlife could be seen in the Érico Verissimo's novel Noite. For example, sewer and water connections increased from 75% of households in 1988 to 98% in 1997. Sintra [50] In 2010, the city of Porto Alegre was the 10th most populous city in Brazil. Coimbra Unlike other large Brazilian cities much farther north, notably Brasília, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro who observe a pronounced summer maximum in precipitation amounts, the city of Porto Alegre experiences a prominent winter maximum in precipitation values and cloud cover, for the summer season is primarily hot and dry; though evidently high humidity levels often give a distinct mugginess to the air and negatively impacts air quality. Porto or Krakow Tourists with only English language skills will not experience any language barriers. In the following months, delegates meet to review technical project criteria and district needs. In the coldest days of the year the temperature may fall slightly below zero, like in 2012, when it recorded −0.7 °C (31 °F). [85], Bars, some with live music, are spread out along, and just off, alongside the Parque Farroupilha and near the Federal University. [ 3 ] É sede de um município com 447,14 km² de área [ 4 ] e 21 868 habitantes (2012), [ 5 ] [ 6 ] subdividido em 7 freguesias . In the "SoHo" area of Porto Alegre, there is a block full of bars, restaurants and clubs. Senhor da Pedra beach The modernization of the Beira-Rio Stadium, home of SC Internacional and the city's 2014 FIFA World Cup venue, left the venue with a capacity for 56,000 spectators. Unisinos) and Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis. Participatory budgeting in its most meaningful form took place in the city from 1991 to 2004. The city is the southernmost capital city of a Brazilian state. Torre dos Clérigos From 1748 to 1756, 2,300 Azoreans were sent to the region by the King of Portugal to protect Southern Brazil from neighboring invaders. There are three more screens at the Espaço Unibanco (Unibanco Cultural Space), another art house cinema. American football is also played in the city, with two teams: Porto Alegre Pumpkins, the oldest in the state, and Porto Alegre Bulls, who play with the Esporte Clube São José, a club with multiple sports. The Ribeira district - A labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, ancient houses and Portuguese character. It runs close to the northern border of the municipality. [125], Football is a passion of the people from Porto Alegre. In addition to the traditional celebrations, a wide variety of activities are organized at Porto Alegre during the different seasons. Porto is a fascinating and vibrant city that has so much to offer you for your holiday or city break. [45], The Jacuí estuary contains the Jacuí Delta State Park, which in turn contains the Banhados do Delta Biological Reserve, a fully protected area which covers the islands of Pólvora and Pombas.[46]. PUCRS is also one of the best universities for air transport and pilot formation in the world. People protest in Porto Alegre after the death of a Black Brazilian man beaten by white security guards at a supermarket run by the French group Carrefour in the southern city. [9], The capital city of Rio Grande do Sul is also the capital city of the Pampas region, the name given to the region of fauna and flora typical of the vast plains that dominate the landscape of the South of Brazil, part of Argentina and Uruguay. [87] The Sala Jazz Tom Jobim features the city's best jazz, and there are live afternoon jazz sessions at the Café Concerto (within the Casa de Cultura), which also has an arthouse cinema. En outre, la municipalité possède une réserve biologique, autour de la plage du quartier de Lami, sur le fleuve, ce q… [101], The traditional beverage is chimarrao, a South-American caffeine-rich infused drink. The city area concentrates 28% of the native flora of Rio Grande do Sul, with 9,288 species. There are also significant Arab and Jewish contingents among its population. Praia da Rocha [9], The city became known worldwide in 1963 through hosting the World University Games. Infiltration into the soil is prevented by the double-walled construction of a clay layer and a high-density polythene geo-membrane, the lowering of the water table and the draining off and treatment of any effluent. • Day 2 – Porto (Vila Nova de Gaia and Foz district) It is the largest municipal water supplier in the country and enjoys operational autonomy and financial independence. This is a great time of year for sightseeing, day trips and exploring northern Portugal. Porto to Coimbra In addition to tourism, it has a cultural focus, with a locution that illustrates its itinerary, telling a little of the history of Porto Alegre.